About me

My name is Margot de Ruiter-Hooykaas and I am an artist painter from the Netherlands. Most of my art is dedicated to charitable causes for children with special needs around the world. This is done through my own charity trust in memory of my elder and disabled sister Monique.

I was born in the Netherlands on the 17th of November 1967 and started my painting career around 1992 after years of extensive travelling. After working in Amsterdam and the painters village Laren for several years I moved to Monaco with my husband and then young children and became a member of La Maison de l’Amerique Latine.


Between 2003-2008 various paintings were auctioned at charity events in Monaco where I conducted art classes on request. The Monaco period was very productive. In 2008 we moved to Dubai (U.A.E.) which gave me new painting inspiration and it clearly shows in the oriental gallery on the website. All paintings are expressionist and come directly from the heart to preserve directness. Beauty is always sacrificed to expression in the process. The aim is always that “you are TOUCHED” by my art.

At present I work from my ateliers in Dubai and Amsterdam and voluntarily dedicate part of my time to Mawaheb (which means talented in Arabic), an art studio for young adults with special needs. This is both a joy and a perfect combination of balancing life as a mum and artist, in an evolving city.

With my very best wishes,

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