Dear guest,

A warm welcome to my website. By visiting this website you will have an extraordinary museum experience! You will be able to see the paintings in nine different galleries corresponding with the colours of the paintings.

As you will see, my paintings –most of them portraits- are expressionist and come directly from the heart in order to preserve directness. Beauty is always sacrificed to expression in the process. The inspiration of my paintings comes from extensive travelling and living in different places and cultures. Local and colorful people often stand model for my portraits.

I was raised with an disabled sister and at present I do volunteer work with young artists with all kinds of special needs. They stand often model for my paintings and in this way I honor them all threw my art. Please know that most proceeds of my art works go the Monique D trust Charity fund. You can learn more about this at the chapter charity which you will find at the home page of my website.
Furthermore I am strongly influenced and formed by Dutch painters such as Kees van Dongen, Jan Sluijters, Isaac Israels and Vincent van Gogh.

I really hope you will be touched by my works!
With my best wishes,

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